Example, Contrib, Debugging and Fixes
0000085: [Runtime Core] TRACE scopes (ralph)
0000081: [Runtime Core] split dependency synchron into dependency and branch_dependency (ralph)
0000090: [Build] include opencv build (ralph)
0000079: [Build] include cgal build (ralph)
0000084: [Build] include build for bullet physics engine (ralph)
0000078: [Runtime Core] all_sync concept is prone to stackoverflow (ralph)
0000080: [Runtime Core] remove libbacktrace dependency and add rdynamic build so boost::stacktrace_basic can resolve symbols (ralph)
0000075: [Runtime Core] implement tracing (ralph)
0000074: [Runtime Core] implement sync which tangles to lifetime of object (ralph)
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Cleanups & General features
0000044: [Build] android CI build (ralph)
       0000043: [Build] dependencies shall build minimun required OpenDHT and minimize it's dependencies (ralph)
0000050: [Build] refactor CMakeLists.txt for avoiding unused linkages (ralph)
0000049: [Documentation (Doxygen)] document properly and cleanup (ralph)
0000048: [Runtime Core] implement facet base (ralph)
0000046: [Runtime Data] implement automatic ID creation for spaces (ralph)
0000045: [Runtime Core] facets should store ref instead of aspect* (ralph)
0000036: [Runtime Core] aspects should support abstract interfaces (ralph)
0000042: [Runtime Core] introduce inter-space aspect copy for copyables (ralph)
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0000030: [Runtime Core] include dependency builds (ralph)
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0000061: [Runtime Core] remove aspect::essence and rename aspect to essence (ralph)
       0000060: [Runtime Core] remove memory_chunk and replace with unmanaged pointer (ralph)
0000033: [Build] port gol qt example to android (ralph)
0000054: [Runtime Core] refactor access and dispose meta search (ralph)
       0000055: [Runtime Core] refactor ref (ralph)
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