Release Backlog
0000082: [Runtime Core] inplement mem plumber support enabled by preprocessor macro
0000058: [Runtime Core] borrowing concept has pitfalls
0000013: [Runtime Data] implement servaldna_source
0000072: [Runtime Core] implement javascript alien tick support
0000077: [Runtime UI] upgrade dependencies to Qt 6.3 (ralph)
0000070: [Runtime Data] refine junction and space concept
0000069: [Runtime Core] facets shall be structs
0000067: [Library Neuronal] implement Adaptive Neuronal Network
       0000068: [Library Neuronal] implement ping pong example (ralph)
0000066: [Library Neuronal] implement Convolutional Neuronal Network
       0000068: [Library Neuronal] implement ping pong example (ralph)
0000027: [Runtime UI] revive oscillation example
0000051: [Runtime Core] make use of C++ concepts where possible
0000040: [Runtime Core] Implement transactional dispatcher
       0000039: [Runtime Core] Abstract wirks concept
0000056: [Runtime Core] address_space shall be derivable
0000059: [Runtime Core] creating aspect_ptr is not explicitly visible in ticks arguments
0000052: [Runtime Data] implement torrent_junction
       0000053: [Build] include libtorrent build to contrib
0000062: [Runtime Data] implement swarm junction
       0000064: [Runtime Data] implement swarm
0000057: [Build] code coverage
0000076: [Runtime Core] implement boost log sink for tracing
0000065: [Runtime Data] implement swarm based distribution channel
       0000064: [Runtime Data] implement swarm
0000007: [Runtime Data] implement redis_junction (ralph)
0000083: [Build] support sanitizer builds (ralph)
0000037: [Library Optima] Implement Optima (ralph)
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Nanomsg, Junction Service, Tree and Alien
0000071: [Runtime Core] implement alien tick concept (ralph)
0000088: [Runtime Data] implement file system space_junction (ralph)
0000073: [Runtime Core] implement python alien tick support (ralph)
       0000092: [Runtime UI] integrate PyQt of Python Alien with UI::Qt (ralph)
       0000071: [Runtime Core] implement alien tick concept (ralph)
0000091: [Runtime Data] implement full crypto provider using gnutlsxx (ralph)
0000017: [Runtime Data] implement tree concept (ralph)
       0000086: [Runtime Data] implement junction_service (ralph)
             0000087: [Runtime Data] implement huge data space_junction (ralph)
             0000011: [Runtime Data] implement nng channel sources (ralph)
0000063: [Runtime Data] implement system topology helper (ralph)
       0000022: [Runtime Data] implement json file space_junction (ralph)
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